An unexpected testimonial

Scrolling through my newsfeed the other day, I was so touched to see this testimonial from my incredible client Katherine. I'm sharing it with all of you because she touches on one of the most important facets of my work: teaching you to be your own stylist.


"This is the greatest holiday dress in the history of dresses and Cate Linden is the greatest stylist in the history of stylists.

Yes, I have a stylist. Leading up to my 40th birthday, I decided to systematically annihilate all of my insecurities. For four decades, I perceived myself to be bad at getting dressed. I want to spend the next forty years feeling confident in my clothes.

Cate didn’t pick this out. She taught me how to pick this out for myself. She works patiently, with logic *and* poetry. Hiring her was one of the kindest and wisest things I’ve ever done for myself.

Now someone throw a party so I can show up wearing the Milky Way, OK?”

Katherine is curating a wardrobe that's polished, celestial, and exciting - a wardrobe that brings her joy. It's my privilege to guide her through the process.