"They took a simple picnic. Fresh brown bread, white Wensleydale cheese, crimson radishes, yellow butter, scarlet tomatoes, round bright green Granny Smiths and a bottle of miracle water. They took no books….They walked down through flowering lanes. The high hedges were thick with dog-roses, mostly a clear pink, sometimes white, with yellow-gold centers dusty with yellow pollen. These roses were intricately and thickly entwined with rampant wild honeysuckle, trailing and weaving creamy flowers among the pink and gold."
-A.S. Byatt

Color is powerful.

It's one of the very first descriptors people reach for when they tell a story. Try describing the appearance of your house, your children, your favorite coffee mug--without color. Difficult, isn't it? Think about your childhood. Chances are, your memories are infused with color. I know mine are. I remember the hazy blue-green of spearmint in the garden, and my mother's long auburn hair.

Color influences our lives in ways we can hardly even imagine. Why not put your best colors forward?