Cate Linden

bespoke personal styling


"I was always a person who complained about getting dressed. I vocally and ardently wished I lived in a future world where everyone wore uniforms and no valuable time or resources went into dressing. When I did shop I was unfocused and ultimately pretty unhappy with everything I purchased. Cate's program was a real "teach a man to fish" moment for me. Without ever expressly saying so, Cate helped me realize on my own terms and on my own timetable that my issues with dressing had a lot to do with how I subconsciously felt I should present myself to the world. I bought everything too big, I avoided feminine details and I tried to hide behind my clothes. Of course I never felt like myself and never truly felt comfortable getting dressed. I cannot imagine a more thoughtful or gentle hand to guide someone through this. I know diving into personal style/appearance can be a very personal journey and I bristle at words like 'vulnerable' or 'feelings,' but I have to admit there was pathology behind the way I was trying to project (or not project) myself. Cate is so sensitive to these things (she is a serious empath). As if having an absolutely expert eye for detail and nuance wasn't enough, she made the process a cathartic experience that refreshed the way I approached the entire process of getting dressed. Once I started recognizing clothing that flattered me and fit the empowering and accurate style profile Cate and I figured out together, I started to feel less like clothing was a frivolous waste of time and more like it was an important tool for allowing myself to feel like the vibrant young person I am. I'm so glad I invested the time and energy into doing this because I know that it has given me the kind of direction and insight that will not only save me time in the future, but will have positive impact on other aspects of my professional and personal life."

-Bri, Louisville KY


"I am loving life as a True Spring. I brought home everything I could find in poppy red, grenadine, tangerine, hot coral, cockatoo green, intense aqua...and I even already had a hoodie that is a blend of really yellowed turquoise with aqua accents that went with nothing I had before but now goes with everything! Since wearing the True Spring colors, not one single person has expressed concern or commented about the pinkness of my face, which before was a daily thing for me to deal with. I get compliments on my colors. This is really awesome!"

-Ceredwyn, Louisville KY