"I am loving life as a True Spring. I brought home everything I could find in poppy red, grenadine, tangerine, hot coral, cockatoo green, intense aqua...and I even already had a hoodie that is a blend of really yellowed turquoise with aqua accents that went with nothing I had before but now goes with everything! Since wearing the True Spring colors, not one single person has expressed concern or commented about the pinkness of my face, which before was a daily thing for me to deal with. I get compliments on my colors. This is really awesome!"

-Ceredwyn, Louisville, KY

After dabbling in seasonal color for several months, I decided to take the plunge and schedule a draping with Cate! The entire experience from booking the session to discovering my season was smooth and simple. Cate is wonderful to work with, and her attention to detail is incredible. Her studio is cute and cozy, and she even makes snacks available to her clients. The draping process was very thorough, and Cate clearly communicated all the ways each color drape affected my skin. She was also committed to making sure we were on the same page and that I understood her reasons for determining which drapes were best. 

When we narrowed the choices down to two seasons, we went back through each drape twice to make sure that the one particular season was the clear winner. I am 100% certain that I am a Dark Autumn which was really fun because Cate and I share a season. :) I cannot say enough good things about Cate. She is so professional, and I felt so at ease and relaxed.

Discovering my best colors has been such an incredible journey. It has given me a huge boost of confidence, and it has reignited my sense of style after years of not trying. I'm so happy I made this investment in myself, and I highly highly recommend it!

-Megan, Indianapolis, IN

I had a pretty firm feeling that I was a bright winter before I went to get draped by Cate. I was reluctant at first- you see, all my favorite colors are in the autumn palette- but I'd been living as a bright winter for a while, and I'd really come around to the palette. But there was still some lingering doubt... Be it hope that I'd turn out to be a surprise autumn, or a reluctance to go all in with my wardrobe, a little nagging voice urged me to get draped. 

I'm so glad I did! Not only did it lay to rest any doubt, but it was a chance to really explore color, and see not only that the different colors and palettes were wrong for me, but to see why they were so very wrong. I need saturation, I need bright, the light muted drapes made me look sickly, the autumn drapes dulled me, and the dark winter drapes instantly added years to my face.

The very best part of being draped though was discovering what DID work. Colors I have spent my entire life avoiding lit my face up like studio lighting, and I discovered this amazing deep emerald green that I never would have picked for myself, but is now #1 on my list. 

Getting my colors draped has really freed me to let go of the wrong colors I was holding on to, now that I've seen how good I look in the right colors, I just want to look like that all the time. 

-Drea, Chicago, IL

I began my color analysis journey over thirty years ago. Less than a year ago I finally made it to my third and correct season through a 12 Blueprints analyst.  I personally have never met Cate Linden in person.  Her websites were recommended to me by my analyst, it was from this I have been able to follow, learn and understand my season.  Cate is a true asset for the personal color community and someone like myself who needs direction to understand color and self image.  Several months back I contacted Cate through email with questions I was having with cosmetics for my season. She responded in a timely manner and offered her professional opinion without ever meeting me as well. I continued to gather color recommendations from the clients makeup applications that she posted to her sites.  I also signed up for her Chromatics newsletter and have enjoyed learning how she brings all her seasons into their best looks.  It was from this that I learned about her service of the Makeup Bag.  I contacted Cate about offering the service to people she had not actually done the PCA on and she let me know this was not a issue.

I truly feel that my best investment by far was the PCA and the second best investment was the Makeup Bag Service.  From the detailed questionnaire and photos from my PCA we could meet.  The fact that we had never met in person makes this a even more amazing experience.  What I loved about the bag was that it included different brands and the colors were perfect.  All the colors enhanced my coloring, it just looks like me but better.  The eye shadows matched and enhanced my natural eye color, the blush that mimics my natural flush and lip colors to complete the balance.  I was WOWED by her recommendations! The report that she sends is detailed as she comments on colors and applications.

Don’t hesitate on considering this service.  Cate is very professional, talented and compassionate about her business.  After purchasing most of the products that I could find locally I ordered the rest site unseen, I have that much trust in her opinion.  What I loved was how my Makeup Bag is personally designed just for me.  Cate's talents will truly make you feel your very best.