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If only I had a perfect curl for every time a woman has told me…

  • I’m in a rut and I don’t know how to get out

  • I keep buying clothes but I have nothing to wear

  • I’m struggling to find a lipstick that looks normal

  • I can see when an outfit has issues but I don’t know what they are or how to fix them

  • I return almost everything I buy

  • I don’t know how to accessorize or layer pieces and I’m struggling to pull it all together

  • I don’t mind spending money on quality but I’m scared to invest in something that won’t work for me

  • I don’t know if my hair color is right for me

  • I try not to think about all the money I’ve wasted on clothes

  • I lust after capsule wardrobes but I don’t know how to create a good one

  • I want a style that says “she doesn’t look like anybody else”

catelinden060419-102a (1).jpg

If you’re feeling stuck with:

  • Defining your personal style goals

  • Editing your wardrobe

  • Building a shopping strategy

  • Finding your sweet spot with makeup

  • Creating and troubleshooting outfits

  • Determining your best silhouette strategy and design details

  • Or breaking out of a style rut…

I’m here to help you pull it all together into one actionable, personalized package. You can schedule your free exploration call with me here. I can’t wait to meet you!