You don't need "more clothes"


For years I thought my problem was that I needed “more clothes.”

I wore the same unexciting things week in and week out. When I did buy something new, it was either boring like the rest of my wardrobe - quickly settling into my mundane lineup - or I couldn’t figure out how to style it.

Surely, I thought, if I just had more clothes, I’d be able to put together interesting outfits and feel excited by my wardrobe and stop feeling like people were secretly judging my appearance.

I fell hard for the myth of variety, seeking out a rainbow of colors and reading articles with titles like “The 10 Wardrobe Staples for Every Woman.” I ended up with a bloated, fractured closet from which I still wore the same few unexciting things day in and day out. I still didn’t know how to really honor my body shape in my clothing, and I didn’t know how to combine separate pieces in a way that made visual sense (which is why I wore jeans and a t-shirt almost every single day.)

What finally did solve my problem?

Picking a lane and learning how to express my personality within it.

I now happily wear the same couple silhouettes over and over, my wardrobe is full of burgundy and teal, and I know how to look away from trends that won’t work for me.

I satisfy my desire for variety with jewelry, mixing and matching within my closet, and the occasional new piece - purchased strategically, not aimlessly.

I cannot say this enough:

Your wardrobe doesn’t need variety. It needs an identity.