Do you set style goals?


I’m a planner. I love calendars and checklists - “let’s play it by ear” is my worst nightmare. I’m organized to a fault, because I know that without a specific game plan, I won’t get anything done. Instead I’ll set a grand goal, do absolutely nothing toward accomplishing it, and then sit around wondering why my dreams aren’t coming true.

Within a few months of learning my season and my archetype, my wardrobe not only excited me, but it was full of my most flattering shapes, colors, and accessories. Intuition carried me a long way, and I made the process look easy…but I’d planned it all out, down to the last detail. I did not just wander into the mall and emerge with a fully-formed personal style. I had a clear aesthetic goal in mind and took specific actions to help me reach it.

Let me be clear: PCA and PIA are TOOLS. They are not magic spells which will relieve you of doing the work on your own wardrobe.

You absolutely have to get out there, try things on, come up with whole new questions, and figure out what you like. You have to think critically about your clothes, your lifestyle, your shopping habits, and what you want your style to say about you.

Knowing you’re a Bright Winter who should be wearing tops with waist definition is great, but that knowledge alone won’t build your wardrobe for you.

Every day I help women set wardrobe goals and break those goals down into actionable steps. If you need some help getting started, you can schedule a free exploration call with me here.