Art Stick Obsession

Last fall I discovered my favorite lipstick formula: Bobbi Brown Art Stick. I was in Sephora, minding my own business, and something called me over to the Bobbi Brown display. I bought the only Dark Autumn shade and rode off into the sunset with my beautiful new lipstick. Months later, I'm still obsessed.


What I love about this product:

  • It looks classy. I love elegant packaging, no matter the price point. Most jumbo lip pencils come in cheap plastic tubes, even the pricey ones like Tarte. These are wooden and look like oversized colored pencils, only with lipstick. The cap is plastic.
  • Liner and lipstick in one. I usually use a clear lip liner, because I'm too lazy to match liners to lipstick (and let's be real, I don't need another product type to start stashing around here). But I always wind up correcting application mistakes with a lip brush. Art Sticks to the rescue: even when the point has worn down and become rounded, I can easily line my lips and then fill them in, no correcting required. If your lips are very thin, this may be more of a problem for you, but then again, it may not.
  • Liner and lipstick and...blush! I'm not that in to makeup multitaskers but these are so creamy and pigmented that I really like using them for blush. Just pat a little on and blend. No grease or stickiness whatsoever.
  • Pigmented, buildable color. Make no mistake, these are lipsticks! Not balms, not glosses, lipsticks. One pass is enough for opaque, beautifully colored lips, but you can easily build the color to be more dramatic.
  • Matte-to-satin texture. Bobbi Brown describes the finish as "creamy matte," which is pretty accurate. A light application will yield a semi-matte finish, while building the color delivers a satin finish with a very subtle sheen. Interestingly, I see some microshimmer in my swatches, but have never noticed any shimmer on my lips, just gorgeous color. Mark of a job well done.
  • Staying power. As long as I refrain from drinking anything within the first 15 minutes or so after application (a good guideline for any lip product), this formula sticks around for hours. Even after drinking from a Camelbak bottle, or eating (non-oily) food, this stuff stays! I frequently wear it when traveling or draping, as I don't have to worry about looking up to see the dreaded ring-around-the-mouth. The formula becomes very slightly drying around hour 5, which to me is no big deal. It fades very evenly, into a light "stain" which nevertheless can be easily cleaned off.
  • Price point. These are $26 each, which sounds like a lot, until you take into account that I've had mine since November, wear it multiple times per week, and have sharpened it only once. The pigmentation is no joke! They also come with their own jumbo sharpener. Just take care not to lose it, because as far as I know, the sharpener isn't sold separately. Nice excuse to buy a second color?

Truly, my only complaint is that I want Bobbi Brown to make more of them.


Here are the colors as I see them:

Bright Raspberry- True Winter. Very cool, bright pink.

Cassis- Dark Autumn. Gorgeous berry, more red than brown. I have a backup, it's that good.

Cherrywood- Soft Summer. This particular color is much sheerer than the rest of the line, and I could see it working really well on both Dark seasons for a more natural look. Clinique's Black Honey is a bit redder.

Dusty Pink- Soft Autumn. I'm convinced that at least 1/3 of the world's makeup is Soft Autumn, but that doesn't stop most of it from being lackluster. This color, on the other hand, is worth picking up. (Note that the swatch of Dusty Pink above is inaccurate. For some reason it photographed much darker and cooler than it truly is.)

Electric Pink- Bright Spring. Similar in color to MAC Fusion Pink, but without the pearly finish (which can render it a bit neon sometimes).

Harlow Red- Bright Winter. Perfect bright maraschino cherry red!

Rose Brown- Soft Summer. It looks exactly like it sounds, a browned rose. Certainly not the most exciting Soft Summer option out there, but worth a try.

Sunset Orange- True Autumn, quite red and bright, but muted enough to look dirty on a spring face (got that?)

Bobbi's Spring 2015 Hot Collection features three limited edition shades:

Hot Berry- True Winter? This is the one LE shade I haven't swatched in person, but it sure looks True Winter from here.

Hot Pink- Bright Winter. Cool, hot pink!

Hot Orange- Bright Spring. Fabulous color, on the bridge between coral and orange.