Shopping and Wardrobe

Need more? Maybe the makeup list that arrived in your inbox post-analysis made your head spin--you want the benefits of wearing makeup without the hassle of shopping for it. Maybe you're struggling to find your colors in stores, and you wonder if you're really "getting it." No problem. I can help.

Custom Virtual Makeup Bag: $80 (cost of products not included)

Receive a makeup bag created just for you! Focusing on your unique coloring, I'll build your makeup bag from scratch.


Each bag is completely individualized. While some products may appear in multiple Bright Spring bags (for example) because they're just that good, I take all of the following factors into account when creating your bag:

  • Your season
  • Products you already own
  • Products you've tried and liked/disliked
  • Brand preference
  • Price preference

Each virtual "bag" will include:

  • Detailed list of 10 products of your specification (if you want 10 eyeliners, fabulous! If you want a full face, also fabulous! We can tweak these together)
  • A Polyvore collage for each product type so that you can see the items at a glance

This service is available to anyone, though I highly recommend an in-person draping with myself or another 12 Blueprints/Your Natural Design analyst to ensure you are receiving the correct seasonal products.

Wardrobe Consulting: $80/hour

Facing your wardrobe after a PCA can be overwhelming. I'll help you go through your closet with your swatchbook, and we'll determine which items can stay, which items can stay until you have something better, and which can go straight out the door.

Personal Shopping - $80/hour

Sephora, consignment shops, the mall: wherever you want to shop, we'll shop. Get some real world swatching experience without the fear of getting it not-quite-right.

You can contact me at, or through my Facebook page.

I accept cash, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. No personal checks, please.