Custom Virtual Makeup Bag


Custom Virtual Makeup Bag


Note: This is a virtual service - essentially a highly customized list, with accompanying visuals - and does not include the cosmetics themselves.

Each bag is completely individualized. While some products may appear in multiple Bright Spring bags (for example) because they're just that good, I take all of the following factors into account when creating your bag:

  • Your season
  • Products you already own
  • Products you've tried and liked/disliked
  • Brand preference
  • Price preference

Each virtual "bag" will include:

  • List of 10 products of your specification with commentary on each one. If you want 10 eyeliners, fabulous! If you want a full face, also fabulous! We can tweak these together.
  • A visual collection for each product type so that you can see the items at a glance

This service is available to anyone, though I highly recommend an in-person draping with myself or another 12 Blueprints/Your Natural Design analyst to ensure you are receiving the correct seasonal products.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a questionnaire so I can get started! Turnaround time is one week from the day I receive your completed questionnaire. 

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