Bite Amuse Bouche

Bite Beauty, available only at Sephora, has quite the cult following. Recently they replaced their popular Luminous Creme Lipstick line with a new line, Amuse Bouche, featuring a highly expanded color range. I have swatched all of the lipsticks (at least, the ones that were released as of about two weeks ago) and placed them in the season or seasons where I think they will perform best in the real world. However, this line has quite a few lipsticks that I doubt will be very flattering on many women. For those colors, I have noted which seasons might give them a shot anyway.

Sugarcane- Soft Summer, if anyone, and I suspect only very, very low-contrast Soft Summers at that.

Souffle- Light Spring or Light Summer, perhaps, but this one definitely has the potential to appear chalky.

Meringue- Soft Autumn, but not a particularly exciting choice for them.

Honeycomb- Soft Autumn, but also not particularly exciting, it's kind of the color of boring dirt. SO MANY better Soft Autumn choices in the world.

Chai- Soft Autumn, nice one, browner side.

Molasses- True Autumn, this one reminds me a lot of Revlon's famous Toast of New York.

Verbena - Soft Autumn, a very pretty rosy terracotta at that. This shade and Estee Lauder's Rebellious Rose are probably my top Soft Autumn lipstick picks.

Sorbet- Light Spring and Light Summer could both try it, it's on the cooler side but quite light.

Fig- Light Spring, muted side

Gingersnap- Light Spring, True Spring can also give it a shot. It's fairly light but also quite orange.

Sweet Cream - Soft Autumn to me, distinctly muted compared to the spring Persimmon and Pickled Ginger. This is a nice choice.

Cotton Candy- True Summer, possibly Light. Very cool pink and not too saturated.

Gin Fizz- True Summer, purple-pink, I imagine this could read as a beautiful cool rose on many a True Summer (but probably chalky on Winters).

Spritzer- True Summer or Soft Summer if anyone, it is very purple and also very grey.

Kimchi- Bright Spring's elusive cooler pink, absolutely gorgeous. You should all run out and buy it right now.

Sangria- Standard Bright Winter fuchsia, which is to say, a nice color but probably one every BW already has in her lipstick wardrobe in spades.

Eggplant- Both True Cools. Depending on the woman, I could see it as a darker lip for True Summer or a more muted one for True Winter.

Pickled Ginger- I think all three Springs could give this one a shot. It reminds me of MAC Fusion Pink, which is Bright Spring, but it's also orange enough for True Spring I think, and light enough for Light Spring. Worth trying in Sephora at the very least.

Dragonfruit- True Winter, gorgeous purpley-pink.

Gazpacho- Bright Winter, warmish side, very nice.

Cayenne- Bright Spring and beautifully.

Persimmon- True Spring, extremely orange but bright. (True Springs, take note: I've noticed that whre lipstick is concerned, the word Persimmon is to TSp as Cherry is to BW).

Sour Cherry - Bright and True Winter depending on the woman. Looks exactly like the name, drop dead gorgeous.

Beetroot- Dark Winter, totally dreamy plum. I could see this working on some TWs as well as it is on the purple side.

Liquorice- Dark Winter. This reminds me a little bit of Revlon's Black Cherry, it's quite dark but probably too purple for most DAs.

Nori- Dark Autumn, but not my first choice, very brown.

Jam- True Winter, completely beautiful, similar to Estee Lauder's Insolent Plum.

Pepper- Soft Autumn, but fairly greyed, not their most exciting option.

Tannin- I think both Darks can wear this well, both Dark Winters who do well in the warmer side and Dark Autumns who look better in cooler reds than browned reds.

Radish- Bright and True Winter, might be too dark for some Brights but too bright for some Trues. Worth a shot as it's a lovely dark fuchsia.

Maple- Dark Autumn, similar to NARS Leslie - very pretty maple red.

Black Truffle- Nobody really, but Darks who crave drama could give it a shot.