How to Wear Your Colors

Have fun with them!

A common reaction to seeing a 12-tone swatchbook for the first time is one of dismay that you can only wear the 65 colors represented.

As I've addressed before, attempting to match individual palette colors to garments and cosmetics is an exercise in futility. With a little practice, looking for overall harmony with your palette is easier, more enjoyable, and more open-ended. That said, a few nights ago I found myself thinking about the strip of color combinations at the end of the 12-tone swatchbooks. Some people love them, some people hate them, some people ignore them. But I started contemplating the outfit color combinations possible with those mere 65 colors.

In an outfit with two colors, that's 2,080.

In an outfit with three colors, that's 43,680.

In an outfit with four colors, which can absolutely include accessories, that's 677,040.

My Soft Summer husband is greatly enjoying the ease of getting dressed every morning when everything in his wardrobe goes with everything else. Not only that, but he can layer five different colors in an outfit and look not only good, but interesting. Using your palette ensures that you will never exceed your natural contrast level.

As a Dark Autumn, I'm currently smitten with combinations like deep chocolate brown, molten amber, and burnt red, as well as warm plum, bottle green, and rich teal. The possibilities are endless.

What's your season, and what color combinations are you enjoying right now?