When Your Favorite Colors Aren't in Your Palette

I recently analyzed a man who looked at his swatchbook and happily announced that all of his favorite colors were present.

That's always the analyst's dream, that the client will walk out into the sunshine holding a palette they're madly in love with, feel great in, and can't wait to explore.

But sometimes, even when you understand and accept that you're a particular season, you find yourself thinking, "I have to go my whole life without hot pink?" or even, "Do I really have to wear these colors? I don't like these colors. My favorite colors are totally different. This sucks."

And yeah, it does kind of suck.

So what do you do? You want to look your best, but you're less than enthused about either giving up colors you love, or wearing colors you don't.

Many people, even those who aren't necessarily resistant to their palette, introduce their colors with small pieces, usually framing the face: a scarf, jewelry, lipstick, a tie. If you're a Bright season and you've been living in subdued colors, you might feel like you're a neon sign when wearing your palette head-to-toe. The rest of the world sees those colors as totally normal on you, but wearing them in small pops at first can help you transition.

If your favorite colors aren't too far away from your palette, go ahead and "cheat" with them for now. Over time, you'll likely prefer to appreciate your favorites from afar, on other people; eventually, your new palette might usurp your old favorite colors. We all love what we look and feel best in, right? I cheated frequently in the first months after my draping and felt pangs of sadness for my neighboring season's reds. I don't miss them at all now, probably because I'm vain and they made me look like a vampire.

My favorite solution for when you adore colors you look absolutely terrible in is to use them in your house. My bedroom looks like I went shopping with the Light Summer palette (I didn't). I love waking up to those colors every morning. My embarrassing collection of mugs and teacups spans every season, and when I started knitting (um, a week ago) I was thrilled to be able to knit things for friends and family who belong to a different color space than I do. I get to enjoy the colors, but someone else will be wearing them. It's a win/win.