Fashionistas...and the rest of us

Some people look great in everything.

I've seen women pull off outfits that would make the rest of us look like we got dressed in our eccentric uncle's closet -- in the dark. I've seen women who can wear a full face of Bright Winter makeup equally as well as Dark Autumn or Soft Summer makeup. However:

It's a costume.

Harmony isn't the goal. The fashion statement is. You're supposed to focus on the neon pink lips, or the dusty mauve dress with tangerine pumps and jewelry.  The sought-for impression is not peace, taking in the person as a whole, but eye candy.

Look no further than Keiko Lynn. Go check out her blog, and come back in two days when you've finished drooling over her beautiful outfits, flawless makeup, and equally stylish boyfriend. I adore her, adore her blog, love what she does with color and line. But at the same time, I know that we don't live in the same world.

I don't know about you, but my wardrobe isn't stocked with fabulous vintage finds or unique pieces companies have gifted me. I have little kids, and doing my makeup every morning is difficult enough without trying to follow a tutorial for popsicle stained lips. And that's okay! One isn't inherently better than the other, but I suspect that most of us just aren't natural fashionistas. We want to look our best and simplify our routines without sacrificing our personal style.

Personally, I wanted to stop fighting with my body. I was tired of feeling frustrated when I looked terrible in the Color of the Year. I was tired of buying lipstick because "beauty experts" said it was perfect for fair-skinned women, only to put it on and immediately look like I was about to toss my cookies. With Personal Color Analysis, I feel like I'm holding a road map. I know how to shop with intention instead of following the trends. I know how to choose lipstick. I open my closet every morning and everything goes together. It's relaxing, and I look relaxing, too.

I'm having a Personal Image Analysis with Rachel Nachmias this month, and truthfully I could not be more excited. When I know both the colors and the styles that work with my body, I feel like I'll be ready to conquer the world! No more feeling bad about how I look or wishing I could wear palazzo pants. That's something we all need. We're perfect just the way we are.