Color harmony, like musical harmony, is inherently attractive. When colors belong together, whether they're Kandinsky's circles or Monet's waterlilies, the viewer experiences a feeling of calm. Drop a Bing cherry on a floor of pale terracotta and you will see only the cherry. This is exactly what happens when you wear clothing or makeup that drowns out your own coloring: we see only the decoration. We don't see you.

When you wear the colors that are already present in your skin, you present a mesmerizing and pleasing harmony to the world. You spend less time shopping, and everything in your closet can be worn together.  You no longer find yourself buying a blouse that doesn't match anything in your wardrobe, necessitating a separate purchase of a skirt to wear with it.

Navigate the world of cosmetics with ease, no longer burdened by fads or the "lipstick that looks good on every skin tone." You know that fads aren't built to flatter, and there's no one-size-fits-all.

If you've struggled with negative self-esteem, been flustered by hair color dilemmas, or cried in a dressing room, make an appointment. Learn how to show yourself and the rest of the world how beautiful you really are.