Cate Linden

bespoke personal style coaching

I was not always a stylish woman.

Far from it: in fact, I thought I was hopeless.

Why couldn't I just figure this stuff out? Why did it seem so easy for other people? 

I loathed shopping, and avoided it all costs...until I'd realize I had nothing to wear for an upcoming wedding or vacation. Then I'd embark on a panicked last-minute shopping trip, and inevitably come home with clothes I still didn't feel 100% confident wearing. 

Using the incredible tools of Personal Color and Image Analysis as a springboard, I worked hard to craft my own distinctive aesthetic. Clothes are fun for me now, and I'm never self-conscious when dressing for a date.

These days I have the system down to an art, and I work one-on-one with my clients to develop their own dazzling personal style.